The silent pact


Jackson, Mississippi


At nightfall we went to take pictures to a bridge that rose over several old train tracks. It rained a little, so we decided to wait for it to stop on the ramp, but suddenly it started pouring and we were trapped. Stuart hung his bag on a torn wire from the fence that surrounded us and opened two beers. And so we stood there, in the middle of the rain by the rusted cargo trains, talking about religion and atheism. (...)


Suddenly, a man showed up (...). He was obviously homeless, but he passed by and nothing happened. I didn't mind the danger - I liked being there, in the middle of the night and the rain, being part of that decayed and perfect landscape made of iron, rust and stone.

Stuart climbed up through a hole he found on the fence that hung from the ceiling covering us and I followed him. He lay down on the fence, a ramp rising half a meter over his body. I crouched by his side, watching the rain smashing violently against the ground several meters underneath our feet. There is no intimacy like the one that's inherent to a hiding place, a refuge. It's a unique feeling, the consciousness that no one, absolutely no one knows where you are - only the person next to you, like a silent pact, somewhat a shared secret that doesn't need to be talked about.



"We went to the West End and stood in front of a McDonald's, where the protest was taking place. There were about 30 people with signs and drums, and several cars blew their horns as they passed by to show their support. Bern got engaged in a conversation as soon as we arrived... "


"I'm offered a bowl of pasta. There are no clean cups, so I drink from my canteen. Jon Snow is sitting next to me. The woman explains that dishes must be cleaned in the bathtub, taking turns. Oh, and there's no hot water either."


"I heard a sound behind me. I turned around and saw a little stone rolling a few meters from my feet. I kept walking and, seconds later, I heard it again, the sound of a small rock bouncing against the ground. I turned around for the second time and there it was, finishing its trajectory. I started to not like this."

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